Best set of movements for Rayquaza in Pokémon GO

Rayquaza is a legendary Pokémon in Pokémon GO that you can only meet at time-limited events. It may be available for about a month as a five-star raid meeting, for a weekend for unique events or coincides with events unlocked by Pokémon GO players. When available, you want to try to Fight as many times as possible, but you will need the help of other coaches. It's not an easy encounter. When you catch it, what are the best movements to learn?

Rayquaza is a Dragon and Vol type Pokémon. It has a maximum CP of 3835, an attack of 284, a defense of 170 and an endurance of 213. It is low for Dragon, Fairy and Roche types, but it is particularly vulnerable to ice type attacks. It is above all an aggressive Pokémon, so you want to use it with more defensive options to protect yourself against its huge ice-type weakness, so it works well with fire and psychic types.

Here are all the movements that Rayquaza can learn:

Quick movements:

  • Air strike (flying type) (16.8 damage and 10 energy)
  • Dragon Tail (Dragon Type) (18 damage and 9 energy)

Charge movements:

Rayquaza: Deep Dive (How Good Is Rayquaza In Pokemon Go?)

  • Old power (rock type) (70 damage and 33 energy)
  • Aerial (flying type) (66 damage and 33 energy)
  • Outrage (Dragon type) (132 damage and 50 energy)

Among the above movements, Dragon Tail is the best choice for Rayquaza's quick attack. If he knows the air cuts, it is not the end of the world, and the air attacks make substantial damage, but dragon tail has a higher global DPS than you do not want to ignore.

For loaded movements, you can ignore old power. This is not something you want on your Rayquaza, and if you have a rayquaza with high statistics and that he knows an old power, get rid of this movement immediately. The other two choices are your main concern. When it comes to an aerial on indignation, indignation is the clear and definitive winner, hands down. This would do more damage overall, even if the aerial has been used twice before.

Your best bet is to have Rayquaza who knows the dragon tail and indignation, but you can replace the dragon tail with a slash if you want yours knowing different types of attacks to touch multiple types of Pokémon.


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