Sim "Animal Shelter" Release-Development source also conducts donations to actual animal protection groups

Games Incubator and Playway have released the Games Incubator Development Simulator " Animal Shelter " for Windows and released a Lily Strayer.

This work takes care of an animal that is troubled and operates a shelter looking for a new owner. Prologue version delivered in November 2021 is "very popular" in the evaluation on the Steam store.

It is a work that treats animal care and injury, but you can also play with photography and balls in the photo room. In addition, the facilities in the shelter can be placed in construction mode and can create a shelter to think.

Every Dog Has Its Day: First Animal Protection Shelter to be Built in Kyiv In December 2021, it is Games Incubator, which was announced to donate a total of $ 10,000 to actual animal protection facilities, but it is reported that the donation has already been completed to three facilities at the time of this release. The remaining two facilities have not yet been contacted.

"Animal Shelter" is also available to Japanese, and is distributing to Windows 2,050 yen (1,845 yen until March 31) in STeam.


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