[PWS] Guangdong Prix, the last match to fast judgment

Guangdong Prix

Guangdong Prix was picked up chicken in the last match of the Weekly Final 3 parking.

20th Battle Ground East Asian Regional Integrated Isphoton (2022 Pub] Weekly Series: Phase 1 (hereinafter referred to as PWS Phase 1) was held.

This Weekly Final 3 parking has entered 16 teams of each region that competed in Weekly Survival. Domestic ▲ ATIII ▲ Marugamiming ▲ Guangdong Prix ▲ Veronica 7 ▲ Giel Isphos ▲ Dana and Isphos ▲ Eight teams ▲ OPPO ▲ 8 teams, Taiwan, ▲ Over the Over-Side Circle, including the four teams, Japan, the Donuts USG ▲ Enter force 36 ▲ Las Carl Jersey ▲ 4 teams included.


The last match magnetic field was caught with a pre-season. Early Early Early Establishment of Early Establishment was suppressed while driving Big Deal to one side in the highlands.

Dana and Isphrots have been on the West of the Presistent, and the Guangdong Prix was launching the number of wits on the place where engagement occurs based on this engagement information.

Fortunately, Dana and ISPart have made it time to summarize it quickly, and Guangdong Prix had to be satisfied with "Helen".

However, Dana and Isphrots were finished with the Japanese Las Carl Jester 'Bero' in the process of stinging the magnetic field as a vehicle.

Since then, Guangdong has made a kingot while making the Taiwan Global Isphos Fighting Easy Global Ispotz Factor in the Northern side of the magnetic field.

Place the last chicken, and Guangdong Frick and Adii were struggling with each other's neurons. Guangdong Prix said, 'This end' was the first to cut the 'Cayer' first, and after the four-to-two-in-one advantage, "Hikari" was the act of "Hikari" took all the opponents and won the 12K chicken.


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