LOL: The headquarters of the MSI could have been revealed by error after a LS live with the CEO of T1

The most important regions around the world will soon begin their respective playoffs and all eyes are already put into the first international competition of League of Legends: the Mid Season Invitional . If a first rumor placed the Event in South Korea, we still did not know what city. Well, the suspense could have come to an end after a small ball of dough during a live broadcast.

Does MSI bound for Busan?

The country has not been the headquarters of a first international tournament from 2018 , when it was the championship world in which we could see the first champion of the Chinese world as it was Invictus Gaming . Last year, due to the Covid 19 pandemic, Riot Games had opted to move the World Cup, which was initially going to celebrate in China, Iceland, the country that also welcomed the MSI that same year and how well it was in what Recorded health and stability of players.

THE POG STATE | Ep. 09 Joe Marsh, CEO of T1 & Arnold Hur, COO of Gen G, Drop Wisdom

Filtration comes nothing less than the CEO of T1, Joe Marsh . During a transmission with Nicholas "LS" de Cesare, Joe spoke about him's conversation with the executive director of Karmine Corp.

The conversation turned to the KC plans to train throughout the offseason in Korea and improve the mechanical power of it. When LS asked Joe where KC planned to make the bootcamp of him, Joe replied: _ " I hope to be in Busan, because they come during the MSI ... I hope to be in Busan" . LS then asked _ "The MSI is in Busan?" _ And Joe _Dijo "Oh, shit!" . The CEO of T1 tried to catch up with the branches saying that he went on vacation there and even asked LS to cut the transmission, but the information had already left.

Faced with him, everything makes him believe that this unfortunate filtration is very true and that the MSI 2022 will take place in the second largest city in South Korea . Now that we already know the place, we can only see who will be the teams that participate in the tournament, with T1 as a great favorite to win the competition.


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