Call of Duty could soon come to Nintendo Switch

Publisher Activision obviously thinks about publishing a game of Call of Duty Series for the first time for Nintendo Switch . That claims at least COD insider Ralphsvalve on Twitter. However, it will not be a current game such as Vanguard or the 2022 part. Instead, the Nintendo console probably gets a port of an already published new edition.

Which part is planned for Nintendo Switch?

According to the information of Ralphsvalve is supposed to disclose Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered from 2016 later for Nintendo Switch to the trade come. So far, the title is only available for PS4 and Xbox One. Other games could follow in the future. And here too, Publisher Activision, which will soon be Microsoft will have some ideas in mind.

New editions could become gaps fillers

After almost two decades, it should not give 2023 no annual offshoot from Call of Duty for the fans. And even thereafter, there could be a two-year rhythm to give the developer team enough time for the game. Without the shooter one year will not pass. Thus, Activision is also about new editions of World At War and Part 1 and 2, which could then also land on Switch.

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What do we already know about Call of Duty 2022?

Before the break, there will be a shooter again. For the development is Infinity Ward Responsible, which according to insiders probably work at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - a direct successor of the reboot of 2019. But precise details are not available yet. The release should probably be done again in the fall.

Source: Twitter

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