Pokémon Go: Raidbosse Februar 2022

The peaceful and commercial time of the year has begun, and also in Pokémon Go, of course, Valentine's Day is celebrated - with the matching event. The Pokémon Go Valentine's Day 2022 is going on and thus spawns in the Raids of Pokémon GO currently bosses, which are of course inspired by the Red Heart Day. But not the Pokémon, which has come into play with the event; Flabébé, Florges and Floette is looking for you in the raids in vain.

But in the differently difficult RAID struggles, you can find about Coiffwaff - if you do not have any and by the way, thanks to Valentine's Day Event can also be activated his heart chipping . Of particular interest is also Animal 5-Raidboss Registel , which you can catch with happiness as Shiny. And we should point out that Galagladi and Guardevoir guarantees the attack on synchallomes by February 14, 2022, both about the development of Kirlia and, if you defeat them in the RAID!

Pokémon Go Raidbosse February 2022 - News

Until 16 February 2022 at 10:00 clock you will find the following bosses in the Raids of Pokémon Go. The Pokémon with Shiny Chance after a disputed fight, we have marked with (+).

Animal 1 RAIDs Miltank (+), Roselia (+), Eardoch (+), Coiffwaff

FEBRUARY 2022 Event Breakdown In Pokémon GO! | Research, Raids, Spotlight Hours & Community Day! Animal 3-raids Nidoqueen, Nidoking, Schlurp (+), Guardevoir, Galagladi

Animal 5-raids Registel (+) From 16 February 2022 Deoxys (normal) (+)


ex-raids Currently paused

Do you currently have a separate interest in Pokémon Go or do not you see it with the best of all? Both positions are quite understandable, as we recorded in our column to the missed (and idiotic) promo codes to the Mobile Games Show .

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