NBA News: Indiana Pacers released Tristan Thompson

The Indiana Pacers have separated from Tristan Thompson, which they had only committed to the Trade Deadline by the Sacramento Kings. The 33-year-old closes the Chicago Bulls, as Pacers coach Rick Carlisle already revealed.

"Well, it was fun when he was here," Carlisle said with a smile about Thompson's short time with the Pacers: "We will be released him, he will join a contractender if someone wants to tweet. A little in the north, begins with C and listens to O ". Carlisle added some serious: "We thank him for his performance in the last six or seven days, he brought a high level of professionalism."

Thompson coming with 17 points at 8/9 FG from the bench against the Washington Wizards his fourth and best game for the Pacers, whom he had joined Domantas Sabonis and Tyrese Haliburston in the course of the blockbuster trades.

Indiana had probably already made the decision to dismiss the Big one, his good game would not have influenced this anyway. For the Pacers, it's more about developing their young players like Jalen Smith, Goga Bitashze, Terry Taylor and Oshae Brisett until the end of the season. Indiana has eight victories behind the Atlanta Hawks, which occupy the last play-in-place of the Eastern Conference.

Thompson probably comes to the leader of the Eastern Conference, he could help Bulls with his physique and playoff experience. Thompson in the current season in 33 played averaging 6.0 points and 5.2 rebounds at 48.8 percent from the field.

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