Wow Patch 9.2: Secrets of the First - Chapter 2 of Zereth Mortis

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Since World of Warcraft 9.2 we know: The big bang has never existed — all fantasies of imagined star customer. The universe, the world, even the night death life was hand-tied by the first with the help of the automatic in the finest Earth Morris quality. The next chapter of WOW history leads us to this new kingdom, and our job is to find a common basis with their brokers, the enlightened, to succeed Earth Morris successfully against the Chairman and his henchmen.

9.2 The new campaign in Patch 9.2 will include 8 chapters with a corresponding player success. For players who have already completed the first three chapters, there will be the opportunity for all the following second characters to skip this part. To do this, you take the first quest Call of the Prius and talk to Marinara in Tribes. This also becomes POCONO, your robot friend in Earth Morris, for these characters.

It is currently understood that the first three chapters of the 9.2 campaign will be available from Patch 9.2 in the first week, as they all serve as an introduction to several systems in Earth Morris:

  • Chapter 1 Turns access to Earth Morris and the Tribes portal to the zone, which is located at the northern end of the transmission ring.
  • Chapter 2 Turns World Quests in Earth Morris.
  • Chapter 3 Turns the first-system cipher, daily quests in Earth Morris and the campaign jump for the first three 9.2 chapters for second characters.

Earth Morris campaign — Chapter 2: We continue to fight

In chapter 2 of the campaign we meet with Shandies to explore the forge of the first in the center of the z1. There we discover that she is besieged by the servants of the Champion master and Nathrezim. However, most of the armed forces does not seem to be there. When we discover the plan to manipulate the surrounding obelisks to get access to the blacksmith, we return to Marion, the commander. He sends us back to the forge.

While we defend the forge, we hear sounds of one of the obelisks that drives them, and find out that the Nathrezim is involved once again and disguise this time as a knight of the black blade. We are returned to refuge to gather again. Reinforcements could be required.

However, things do not run well in the refuge. When we return to Bolivar, the oldest Kieth mentions the leader of the enlightened that we are the reason why — according to their reports — to be manipulated the defense mechanisms, and asks us to repair them. Bolivar gives us special equipment to detect horror lords, and asks us to help the commander of the Alliance in the area. But they are as dissatisfied with us as we have allegedly given previous orders that they led directly into the untamed, dangerous wilderness! The whole thing is stranger from time to time.

In a duel with our duplicate, the truth is finally brought to light. Of course, horror lords are known to camouflage to fool the enemy, and one of them has dressed up as... we! This horror lord is no one lower than MAL'gains most strongly who knew the respect of the Alliance for us. When we start to lose duel with MAL'gains, Maine and Jain come to help us with what the horror forces retreating.

Jain is that we lose the race against the Chairman and his armed forces, and uses the fast journey to bring us to the blacksmith. Unfortunately, their assessment proves to be correct: the Chairman and Indoor manages to activate the forge and open the way into the mausoleum of the first. When Jain the familiar presence in Indoor's sword feels, we return to the refuge. This ends Chapter 2 of the campaign 9.2 and the World Quests in Earth Morris are unlocked.

In the following image series, you accompany our shaman when completing the quests of the second chapter We continue to fight to the activation of the World Quests in Earth Morris. Have fun!

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