This is a study of the Battle of Battle! English Word Battle Royal `Babble Royal`

Battle Royal, who survives only one of the last one, has poured many forms of games. It is continuously used in puzzles such as FPS and TPS, as well as FPS and TPS, as well as the starting point of the genre. I even had a Battle Royal, based on , a while ago. It is a Battle Royal era.

Battle Royal Summary and Analysis

Recently, there is another 'Battle Royal' game that captured the eyes of the reporter. It is a that utilizes the landscape puzzle, and the , which started early access last 16 days, even though it is a small indie game that has not been promoted to a small indicator, I am riding. I saw the new battle Royal, directly in English words. / Disuse game Lee Hyung Chub reporter

Take the battle Royal on the simple rule to complete the English word

is a fingering of a fingering of a word, the rules are simple. It completes one English word through a given alphabet and survives in the competition. The shell seem to be almost similar to the , which was popular for many years ago.

However, has added a color to the game by introducing the battle royal elements. It is because the elements that symbolize Battle Royal, such as the starting points and scattered items through 'fall', and the scattered items, of course,

Therefore, is also very important to pre-start the starting points as in other battle Royal games. You can take risks and choose a lot of items, but you can start the game from the side of your ranging your competitor. Of course, if you choose a side, you have to keep your magnetic field as soon as you have to meet your magnetic field quickly. Thanks to the boasts considerable difficulty.

In addition, does not provide any hints in the word completion. It is different from the , which was derived to complete the word by presenting the dictionary meaning of a particular word. Therefore, users must create words with their own power.

Active zone is also an element that makes the game. While most landscape puzzles, including , you can create words freely without any constraints, while the puzzle can be freely created without any constraints, while can only be alphabetical for the last word you created. This is 'Active Zone'.

For example, let's assume that you have completed Ruin in the middle of the NUT to make the Not vertically.

In this case, it is impossible to connect new words on the NUT side. It is because the active zone is already caught by Ruin. Therefore, when you play , you will need to play the next play, such as making long words that have a lot of collections as much as possible. Unlike the <Battle of Battles, which has been playing games in each other, it is also a point that 14 to 15 participants share one battlefield. If you put a word on your opponent 'Active Zone', you can raise a kill.

When you play , you have to roll your head without rest. I have to simply complete the word, but I need to check the relationship with the opponent tile. The active zone mentioned above creates a short word, and the Vertical is not possible to play the difficulty of the game.

In addition, is also possible to purchase items such as bombs or alphabetical mixing, adding consonant / vowels. In other words, when it is close to the opponent tile, you can play a song to purchase additional alphabets momentarily. On the contrary, it is possible to run away when you are trying to attach it. It is a simple mechanism called the 'English word'.

Battle Royal's new possibility of 'Babble Royal'

Now let's talk about the game of the game.

First, the does not have a separate tutorial. There is a very simple 'exercise' mode, but it is not just a random tile. The 'short tip' that you can see in the practice mode helps you play, but it still feels scarce.

In addition, all the games of will be Ranking. Thanks to that, users can learn their MMR with their rules. Given that difficulty is considerable, it is a very sorry part.

In a new user, practice mode that is confusing

The 'criteria' of the English word used in the game are also significantly ambiguous. It is not only possible to use only the words that appear in advance, but it is not possible exceptionally permitted. The case of the word Slang), such as the Internet Fashion or MIM, and Slimming, is often used in the word called Slang).

For example, LEE is recognized as a formal word, but if some sex is not recognized, the words that look ambiguity, such as YOLO, LOL, YES, are not allowed in the game. When you play the game, when you play the game, you will see the situation that hit the word with a horrible. Why is not this? I often get out often. In addition, even if the PVP is previously released, the game was not provided properly, and if you do not provide play data properly, I felt that I can not even get a game on a single map.

Nevertheless, is an uncomfortable game. If someone asked the reporter how about this game? I want to play once, I want to answer. This is because the idea of ​​a game with creative ideas, as long as the battle is nothing at all that is all a bit of Battle Royal on a simple rule that is a simple rule.

Battle Ground is becoming a genre that emerged as a genre. has achieved all over the world by mixing Battle Royal in party games, and is also gaining a variety of elements in existing rules.

is also part of this 'new attempt'. Indeed, we will be able to grow into another mainstream game in the future, and the limit of Battle Royal will protect it and watch it.


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