Poga Pro in the test: The sinfully expensive console chest, which nobody needs

Travel with your own console in the luggage through the world? Given the Corona Pandemic an abstruse thought. Nevertheless, we have thrown a detailed view of the Yoga Pro of Indicating, which made us fantasize us directly from better times, even if it would only be a few short-distance rides by train. Well, at least that was our project before the infection figures shot through the ceiling at the end of November.

Therefore, we saw our real mobile experience and considered our new uses, which did not drop us so easily, but then they have discovered.

What is the Yoga Pro ever, and who needs something?

Basically, Yoga Pro is a suitcase in which we can safely transport our console. On a screen embedded in the upper shell, for example, we can play during a hotel stay or a train journey. Only a power connection is necessary.

The Yoga Pro is aimed primarily at frequent travelers, which also fits in the genesis history of the manufacturer Indicating. The company founders combines a past in both electronic and analog grass sports, even on a professional level. There you are on the weekday and does not always find a TV with connections for your own Xbox or PlayStation at the night. The solution to the problem should now be in the yoga lineup.

So, in spite of the pandemic, she gets a lot or stuck after an infection abroad in a traveling quarantine, then the Yoga Pro is certainly the perfect pastime.

For us — and probably the most of you — this does not apply, which is why we finally used the suitcase only for the parents visit at Christmastime. The console is safely stowed, no cables had to be pulled on-site, or the living room is unnecessarily blocked. But also from a smaller console LAN in the circle of friends or barbecues, including electronic entertainment on the balcony, the Yoga allowed us to dream. Where the purchase price of 649 euros is in the stark contrast to the sporadic inserts.

Equipment and processing

The Yoga Pro is not favorable, the materials used feel high quality, the aluminum construction forms a fixed frame that should survive even large loads. Art leather handles complete the discreet, optionally in black or white design. Should it be more conspicuous, a separate design can be printed for an extra charge of 100 euros.

Simple Design Trolley

Inside, a hard plastic-decorated block of foam, the recesses for two controllers, a console and cable management can be revealed. The Yoga Pro for the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Xbox Series S. We have decided on the latter variant because the small game pass box is wonderfully compact and can be filled quickly with games. Especially since a disc drive is in principle missing and thus no restrictions caused by the suitcase.

The installation of the Xbox Series S was done quickly and went away from the hand. In the console we had to push a little until they snapped in the plastic frame, but they did not slip anymore.

In addition, Yoga Pro has USB accessories in the form of a hub where we can use wired peripherals, as well as charging our smartphone, and a wireless charger, as well as charging the smartphone. But to connect them with the console, but designed as fiddly, since only a small cable length is available. Likewise, the expansion of the Xbox Series S annoyed, as the rubber feet of the console continuously hooked on the plastic frame.

Despite the small interference factors and the ordinary weight, however, the suitcase is easy in handling, the inner structure is well-thought-out. For this, our temperature measurements we have made during long sessions.

The narrow channels did not block cooling, the difference compared to normal operation was only 1.5 to 2 degrees Celsius. The fan was silent all the time. We measured each with a temperature probe at the interface between the copper plate above the APU and the central heat pipe of the radiator and outside on the suitcase to determine and counterproach the ambient temperature.

The built-in monitor is the big vulnerability

The basic idea for the pre-installed full HD screen is as simple as ingenious: A wall mount according to VESA standard is attached to the lid, the monitor hits it.

Screen cover

However, as far as that concept is so bad we perceive the choice of the monitor. The screen with the product code VP228HE uses a TN panel, is so responsive and relatively cheap. In the color fidelity and contrast, however, the panel type is weakening dramatically.

The ASUS monitor is particularly disturbing that blatantly bad viewing angles. We deviate a few degrees from the perfect position from, the color profile shifts completely, especially on the vertical axis. Exactly this is impossible to compensate because the screen can not be tilted. Most of the time we looked therefore at a slight angle on top of the display accordingly, pale worked the colors.

Optimum angle view obliquely from above

The monitor also showed our test sample in a very uneven illumination. The backlight of the screen appeared in the bottom half by strong, so this seemed constantly bright.

A monitor with a TN panel is in our opinion completely unsuitable for use in the case. An IPS panel would eliminate the problem completely, however. Corresponding monitors are not quite as responsive, the image quality, however, would benefit immensely. A few milliseconds of delay would be in as well hardly noticeable for most players.

Interestingly, the team of INDICATING similar considerations seem to bring already in the portfolio. The 220 euros more expensive yoga Lux has a monitor with IPS panel, but is exclusive of PS5 reserved. We would like to see the model for all consoles.


high-quality materials Stable suitcase construction Anschlussmöglichkeiten via USB Smartphone can as well invite wirelessly wired

POGA Pro by INDIGAMING - Gaming Case Innovation Killing is hardly affected Sinbad comes loose from the hand Trolley can detach easily and Replace Unauffälliges Design Übersichtlich structured


Display panel unsuitable for use Unterirdisch sounding speakers Bring much on the scale Controller and power cables are not completely fixed USB wiring short Konsolenausbau partly stubborn

Conclusion: The yoga Pro is ideal if you are going to travel a lot, for an occasional use is the price but too high and the screen too bad.

Chris Median @DrChrisRespect

The time with the yoga Pro made me a little wistfully back — we have considered a number of exciting scenarios for a realistic review, but knew from the outset that we corona pandemic could make a huge spanner in the works. So it happened then, which is why we have opted for a purely fact-based test. On the one hand this is a shame, on the other hand I'm also not sure if the time had been worth the yoga Pro.

The installed monitor gave me neatly headache. For hours, I tried to make the most of the settings, but in the end it always failed on the uneven illumination. In addition, the panel is so dependent on the viewing angle that I got the screen despite stacked game cases and books almost never in a position where the colors are not totally misrepresented. If the backward tilt too strong, the case falls over easily because the weight of the monitor becomes too large. That's just annoying and could be avoided, it would rely on an IPS panel.

But for quick Bonanza in hotel technology should be sufficient, especially when the favorite game titles are available only on a stationary console and the score can not be called on multiple platforms, as is the case with FIFA. Unless the local wireless hermit enough is even online games are no more obstacles.

I personally would prefer but access to the switch or a laptop and my Pile of Shame by a few indie beads easier. Really annoying, the product that so much under the monitor suffers, because the fundamental concept I really like.


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