Halo Infinite promises imminent changes at the prices of the game store

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The Design Head of 343 Industries has already come to the forestry on other occasions to talk about aspects to improve Halo Infinite multiplayer, and this time, Jerry Hook has done it to confirm that from the study they are Working to implement Changes in the Object Store throughout the coming week .

Changes will begin next Tuesday 18 Hook has shared from 343 Industries, the debates about the store, packs and prices since the launch have been closely following them, something that would have led them to work in changes in the root of the comments and data collected from the community. These will begin from next Tuesday 18 , where we will find Lower prices in all areas, with packs of greater value and objects outside them.

From the study they have been shown committed to Try new things for the rest of the season, so learn and improve for the future. Hook has encouraged players to continue sending their impressions and has been dismissed by reminding players Cyber ​​Showdown event , which will be held coinciding with changes in the store.


Cyber ​​Showdown will take place as a free event of a retrofuturist aesthetic, with cosmetics cyberpunk and neon. A few more than a month ago from the return of the master chief and has done it over high, with a key delivery for the future of the franchise and the most ambitious of 343 industries. If you want to know why this is an essential shooter, remember that you have available our Halo Infinite analysis.


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