Fortnite: The unusual streak of a player who shows the bad RNG that can get the game

Scott Carl RECHSTEINER (birthed July 29, 1962, in Bay City, Michigan), a lot more understood as the Ring of Scott Steiner, is a wrestler (specialist wrestler). Wrestler at the College of Michigan, he makes a decision to end up being a wrestler as well as makes himself understood with his sibling Robert Rick receiver with whom he forms the Steiner Brothers group.


What could be more exasperating in Fortnite than falling into a bad booty at the beginning of the game? You probably know the unpleasant experience of having to fight as soon as you land on the island with a sniper or find only pistols. Well, a player recently published a unique record that very few have been able to achieve luckily or unfortunately: E DECORATE THE SAME GAME 8 times in a row, both on the ground and in the chests that are located at what Long of the entire island of the Battle Royale of Epic Games.

In the video, the Reddit user COHEN had landed in tortuous tunnels and began to plunder everything I found around this area. The collection and Lot of the objects starts from normal as anyone, but the player collects the same weapon twice, in gray and green. He did not have much luck, but not enough to seem that he had yielded an overhead before the game began. From here, all the weapons he found in the area were the same over and over again. In total, 8 times that any random weapon could appear, the player found the same weapon 8 times . An authentic slaves over all to the evil RNG of Fortnite in that particular game.

Fortunately, it was a normal game and without consequences, but this kind of blow can be decisive in competitive and higher level items. Imagine the same scene, with only sniper rifles found to open 7 chests and different opponents well armed by disputing a place where you can be able to be able to rivals. It would be enough reasons to break the screen and keyboard of our computer. Mathematically, the possibilities of collecting an identical weapon 8 times in a row are minimal, and that there are around ten different varieties of weapons, with identical generation rates .


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