Dr Disrespect says: Developer Make Call of Duty Warzone Broken!

Dr Disrespect is one of the most famous streamers. Recently, it is often possible to watch him, as he plays the Battle Royale Call of Duty: War zone, and a lot of criticism of the developers aims more often.

Dr Disrespect practices sharp criticism of the War zone developers

As it looks, the team behind War zone once again made a decision that does not like the DOC. In order to increase the time it takes to kill an opposing player, the goals with ADS (AIM Down Sights) should be attenuated. In the future, players will need a little longer to look through their rifle scope.

The streamer can not understand this decision absolutely, and for him, she could even destroy the game completely because the iconic war zone feeling is lost here:

Dr This contradicts the most basic design principles. If you believe it or not, you actually want to extend the ADS time of the game! In order to extend the time to kill? Not the damage is weakened, because only two or three balls come through the 7 -Hz servers on which we play. No, they increase the time to target.

You want the game less fun? It's less sporty? You want to give less control to the player? In response? That's not the right way. It is a big mistake. One should be a game, especially Call of Duty and War zone, make a sporty as possible.

Dr Disrespect is not the only War zone player who faces the whole of the rather negatively. Other well-known personalities also commented on Twitter to the upcoming slowdowns, including the Twitch Streamer Symphony, and the former professional player Tyler Keep Pol chow.

Whether it actually creates the increased time to the goal in the game, and how its impact on the general sense of feelings will probably learn at the earliest to the start of the second season of the title.


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