ZENITH: The MMO in virtual reality is going back before its beta

The lovers of.hack // and other sword art Online will tell you: everything remains to do when it comes to combining MMO and VR in the same project. For the time being, the candidates do not jostle by the gate, which allows the Zenith of the Ramen VR studio to leave even more of the lot.

Expected on PS VR, Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift and Steam At the beginning of the year 2022, this massively multiplayer role-play will pass the beta test on all platforms from December 18th. Key distribution is underway on Discord, Twitter or on the studio broadcast list.

Zenith: The Last City VRMMO Preview | The Future of MMORPGs? As with any mope that respects, exploration, combat and community are of course at the center of the project, which translates into a world that can be explored by placing, fighting involving mastery of weapons, magic and parades. Or the possibility of creating his own guild. Of course, it will be better to socialize to overcome boss's fights, public events and dungeons. The class system is for its flexible share and will not determine the role. Objective of Zenith is to offer original and surprising combinations where everyone can find his account, can we read.


ZENITH: The Last City — Beta Trailer


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