VBL: Gladbach storms in place one, Leipzig Patzt

Russia Mönchengladbach had a little run-used, but has now arrived investor in the new season of Virtual League (NBL) Club Championship by. After the team had celebrated the first two victories in the previous week, put it on the fourth match day of double — and secured with 15 of 18 possible points, even the table-top.

Against SC Paderborn there was at 9: 0 is the best possible yield, followed by a 6 followed: 3 against the Welder Bremen. Had only a double Eleftherios' BMG left Iliad and Yannick 'BMG Jeffrey' Racers accept defeat, earlier they had won their five games. With 40 points Playback is now one point ahead Hanover 96 and two to the people of Bremen, their first game of the evening with 6: 3 had won against Hans Rostock.

The previous leaders, however did not manage to defend his position and came in two top matches to a total of six points. Be held SV Hamburg at the 4: 4 vs. Bayer 04 Leverkusen still bravely followed in 2: 5 against Hanover 96, the first defeat of the season. Only Daniel 'HSV Daniel7' Dwell (1: 0 against Marc 'Marc ldw23' Lander) on a victory was granted.

For Hanover contrast Road 'H96 Road' Failing put the victory and the second place secure. The first game of the evening was for the Lower Saxony with a 7: 1 ended against 1. FC Cologne, in this advanced Jannie 'H96 Jannie' mountain with wins in singles and doubles match winner for the 96th

Bochum makes mighty leap

Bayer 04 Leverkusen had the chance to return to the top spot, after the Herself had gone with only three points behind the HSV in the match day. The evening, however, did not go at all as desired, the Leverkusen: First, there was a 2: then 3 defeat in pent-double against FC St. Pauli, the draw against Hamburg, the conclusion and the four managed: 4 against Paderborn not the hoped third win of the season.

Currently, Bayer therefore finds only in fifth place again. With already four wins 1. FC Cologne is thanks to the 5: 2 win against Hans Rostock, yet the team is due to some significant defeats only in eighth. Rostock against Denis 'Denis' Müller made on the PlayStation 5 for the decisive victory.

A mighty leap forward, VFL Bochum made: After the first few weeks of the season 17 points were only a total successful, the account has now almost doubled. Thanks to the yield of 15 meters, the Bochum climbed five places and are seventh.

Both against Holstein Kiel (9: 0) and against Wolfsburg (6: 3), Benedict 'BeneCR7x' Bauer and Foray 'Foray ' Kücükgünar showed in top form and had only a double defeat accept. Just a point better than the VFL is the FC St. Pauli, the Holstein Kiel with 5: 2 defeated, but not before against FC Schalke 04 on a 4: was also came fourth

First defeat for RB Leipzig

A big surprise there has been in the South-West Division: leader RB Leipzig namely has suffered the first defeat of the season — and also a hefty. Against Bertha the team came with 1: 7 under the wheels. UMT 'BLZ UMT' Bulletin secured at 1: 1 to Chan 'Chan' Vascular the least one point, the other parts went to Bertha.

Even 'ErenPyrz030' Program struck Richard 'BLZ GAUCHO' Homes with 2: 0, in a double won Tom 'Biss0 23' Bismark and 'ErenPyrz030' with 3: 0 against 'BLZ Gaucho10' and 'BLZ UMT'. Previously, Bertha had a 4: 4 brought against Sprig Reuther Fürth and was pleased occur over an eleven-point night. Leipzig was no play on the seventh match day.

The blunder by RB has given the competition a chance to reduce the deficit to one place. This is the FC Ingolstadt did succeed, however, the Scanner missed the chance to overtake even Leipzig. In the first game of the evening Ingolstadt subject with 2: 5 to FC Augsburg, then followed with the 7: 1 to concord Frankfurt the fifth season victory.

Match-winner while Philip 'Kingfisher' Schemer was, who triumphed in single and double and is thus individually for now already nine wins this season. With 39 points Ingolstadt is currently tied with Leipzig. Also, nine per season victories have 'BLZ UMT' and Michael 'megabits' Bittner (Welder Bremen) in the account.

Fürth holds Nuremberg at distance

Ranking third is still, is the Sprig Reuther Fürth are now three points behind the leading duo. On the draw against Berlin the Lower Franconia were five one: follow 2 against 1. PSV Mainz 05th The decision there was a double, the Christian 'xImpact10' Just and Ramadan 'El17rambo' Elma's with 3: 1 against Lynn 'Lynn x10' Dimmer and Tobias 'VipezT17' shoe won.

Thus, the Further at least for the time being the 1st FC Nuremberg at a distance: The local rival won with 5: 2 against the SSV John Regensburg and stands five points behind the game association. The other party of the evening was postponed due to a disease in SV Darmstadt 98. The same applies to the match of the lilies against the TSG Cofferdam.

Displacements were also available at the games of the 1st FC Dagenham 1846: both against the SSV John Regensburg and against the FC Augsburg, the team takes a 4-1 lead in the final double. Both Burka 'Burka may' May and Denis's Denii10 Music fetched a victory and a draw.

The SV Surpassed drove the first vestion victory, which improved in the ninth place thanks to the 7-1 against Mainz. Francesco 'palazzo 07' Mazda won at the Xbox, David 'Dave' Deck and Luca 'Skandalesi111' Ales in Double, also Hole 'Dave' a draw on the PlayStation 5. Understanding Frankfurt remains despite the 5: 2 success against the TSG Cofferdam.

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