The best weapons to use in Garena Free Fire

The Royal Gurkha Rifles (RR, Royal Fishes Gurkha's in French) is a program of the British Military, component of the Gurkha's Brigade. The Royal Gurkha Rifles is the only Gurkha infantry routine of the British Army. Like the other Gurkha's regiments of the British and also Indian armies, the program is hiring among the Gurkha's of Nepal (Independent Country of the UK, not a member of the Republic).

As with any other royal, mobile or other battle, the free weapons are the key to victory. Although you can have an excellent strategy or settings, everything comes up to eliminate your opponents and be the last standing.

The weapons of the Royal Battle of Arena few free are numerous because each class has more than three rifles each. In this guide, we will give you the best weapons to use in few free so that you can mow your competitors with ease.

4 . Hunting rifle M1014

Who does not like a shotgun in royal battle securities? Particularly useful at the beginning of the game, the M1014 shotgun has the highest damage in its category as well as the biggest clip, six. However, what really distinguishes it is its precision, which is deadly in the short and medium term.

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Of course, it's still a hunting rifle, so it will not be useful in most of your commitments. Although, if you are inside a house or a large building, the M1014 could save your life with the damage it implies closely.

3 . MP5 machine gun

If you are looking for a reliable and common weapon to find, look no further than the SMG MP5. While most SMS are the same free few, the MP5 combines all the best attributes of the other two weapons of the class. The pistol has the same power as others but also has the highest clip size, the best scope, accuracy and shooting rate.

So, you can always choose MP40 or UMP SMG, but the MP5 will be the best choice if you have to choose between two.

2 . AWM Sniper Rifle

The only real sniper rifle in free few, the AWM has punch even in the longest ranges. It has the highest statistics at all levels for the category of sniper rifles, making it the power of a weapon.

However, if you want to use the AWM, you must treat it as a real sniper. If you want to move quickly or shoot at the hip, then the kar98k is perhaps the best option for you. With the AWM, it is better to play long distance and select people remotely.

1 . Group assault rifle

Without a doubt, Group is the best free few rifle and maybe the best weapon overall. It is consistent with all ranges, has a precision and huge damage, and a solid loader size of 30. While the FAMAS pulls a little faster, the Group compensates both in range and precision.

No matter the circumstances, if you see a Group lying on the floor, it is in your interest to equip it.


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