Releases: Final Fantasy, Halo, Life Is Strange and more

Outside there is the cold and home of hot cocoa. But also new publications are at the door: this week, among other things, the Master Chief and End Walker for Final Fantasy 14 beat.

Rune factory 4 | December 7

PC / PS4 / Xbox One

In Rune Factory 4 a farm simulation in the style of Harvest Moon or Star dew Valley on fantasy role play. Your protagonist or your protagonist lands at the beginning on the back of a friendly dragon, which turns you to a castle again. There she takes the role of the ruler and would have to do some tasks for the inhabitants.

On the one hand, it is necessary to build plants to catch fish and cook different dishes. On the other hand, you can explore outside the city walls dangerous Dungeons, compete against boss opponents and dust fresh equipment. In addition, your friendships can conclude with the residents and certain monsters and participate in numerous festivities.

With the release for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, it is already the third release of Rune Factory 4. Previously, the role play has already been published for the Nintendo 3DS in 2014 and 2020 for the Nintendo Switch.

Life is Strange: True Colors | December 7


In Life is Strange: True Colors sees her again in the role of a protagonist with supernatural skills. Alex Chen wants to start a new life with her brother in the village of Haven Springs at the beginning of the game, but quickly the plan develops very different. From the new beginning a tragedy that Alex has to enlighten.

For this she explores with Alex the small village, interacts with very different residents and uses Alex 'force to experience and manipulate the emotions of others to your own benefit. Unlike earlier Life Is Strange games, the third part appears directly as a complete game and not in individual episodes.

The release of the Switch version of Life is Strange: True Colors takes place on 7 December for the time being only digitally. A version for retail should be available from 25 February 2022.

Final Fantasy 14: End walker | December 7

PC / PS4 / PS5

With Final Fantasy 14: End Walker in December, the already fourth enlargement for Square Enix 'Successful online roleplaying game appears. With this, the developers want to close the story about Madelyn and Zodiac and so that the storyboard has completed the storyboard since A Realm Reborn. In End walker, the warriors of light have to do with a worrying catastrophe.

In order to prevent the level of the catastrophe, you travel on the island of Hardware, according to Garland and even on the moon. Once there, you take new orders to reach the new maximum level of 90. There are also two new jobs with the wise and sitter, the male Vera as a new playable people and with the Anima a new threat. Of course, there is also a new RAID, new dungeons, new PVP content and even a new residential area.

Actually, Final Fantasy 14: End walker should already appear in November. In the last second, Square Enix has shifted the release on the current December appointment, which hopefully nothing goes wrong.

Halo Infinite | December 8


Halo Infinite ? Isn't that already published? The answer is: Jan. Although Microsoft's flagship shooter has been playable since 16 November, but only multiplayer mode. Fans of the campaign come to their costs only in the next few days.

In the story campaign of Halo Infinite, her reverses the role of the Master Chief and lands on a new halo ring. Hardly arrived there, of course, there is angry with countless enemies, which have no desire for the visit to the Master Chief. For the story excursion, the developers in the semi-open world promise more playful freedoms in which, among other things, the fresh grappling hook could become an important tool.

Despite a long shift, the Campaign of Halo Infinite does not appear completely. To release, you can only get started in the single player and not as usual also in a co-op variant. However, the mode should be supplied in the coming year.

Monopoly Madness | 9th of December

PC / PS4 / PS5 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X / Switch / Stadia

Monopoly is probably without a doubt one of the most famous board games of all time and have already cost some friendship. Whether Monopoly Madness achieves the same level, remains to be seen, but Ubisoft dares to be a modern reinterpretation of the classic.

Mr. Monopoly deserves a deserved holiday and chaos in Monopoly City after many years. Up to six players now contact each other to break the limits of the game board in real time. The goal? Earn money and resources to buy and improve real estate. Thanks to power-ups like bulldozers or compressed air hammer, you can also provide advantages to struggle for the greatest wealth.

Life is Strange True Colors 100% Guide - All Memories and Trophies As usual for current Ubisoft games, the release also takes place as well as every platform at Monopoly Madness. The party game appears for the PC, all current consoles and Google Stadia.

Siberia: The World Before | 10th of December


The Adventure series Siberia gets a successor. In Siberia: The World Before slips into the roles of two different protagonists, which even live in very different times.

On the one hand, the 17-year-old Dana Rose, who aims for a career as a pianist in 1937. With the beginning of World War II and the advent of fascism, however, their plans change dramatically. Kate Walker, on the other hand, experiences quite different things: In 2004 she is locked up in a salt mine and begins with the search for her identity. Both with Rose and Kate, their own stories and puzzles experienced, with some parallels that may occur after and after.

The release of the fourth Siberia game takes place at the beginning only on the PC. If a console conversion follows later, it is not yet known.

There is nothing going on in December: at least for the first days that does not apply. With Halo Infinite and Final Fantasy 14: End walker there is another two bangs at the end of the year, which can definitely be seen.


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