Monolith Productions announces a Wonder Woman game

Monolith Productions associates with Warner Bros. Games for the announcement of a new Wonder Woman title, which will not offer platform or exit window, just a simple teaser.

Wonder Woman - Official Game Announcement Teaser

If we had lately held for their Mordor's Creed series (the shadow of the Mordor and the Shadow of the War), we sometimes quickly tend to forget that Monolith Productions (nothing to do with Monolith Software), it's also Blood, No one live Forever, Fear Or condemned.

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An introduction in the shape of a retro dash micro to try to give you more information than Monolith and Warner, who play the mysterious around this Wonder Woman. If we quite easily imagine an action game at the third person filled with stylish combos, everything is only suppuration, and we do not know anything about the title, not even his platform. At most, the game will benefit from the Nemesis System of the diptych Mordor and that it will also adopt an open world structure.

While waiting to know if the game will be filled with loot boxes, if we can improve the truth's lasso thanks to the blockchain or if it will be an online karting service game, we leave you with the Teaser below.

Video Gamut

Wonder Woman — Official Game Announcement Teaser


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