Fortnite Leak reveals a new crossing with the Jordan brand

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A new Fortnite Filtration has revealed that the world renowned Battle Royale game will soon collaborate with one of the most important fashion brands. Specifically, that brand is Jordan, which is the brand of sneakers and sportswear that bears the name of the iconic Basketball player Michael Jordan. Time Fortnite has made Crossovers of this type in the past, this last collaboration is one that should match an important Jordan launch that will take place next weekend.

In today's social networks, new filtered images of this crossing between Fortnite and Jordan began to emerge. Specifically, this collaboration will focus on the launch of the Padilla Air Jordan 11 Cool Gray, which will be launched next week on December 11. As such, the cool gray 11 will enter Fortnite to go along with a series of other cosmetic items that have the logo Jump man by which Jordan has been known over the years.

In general, this filtration collaboration with Jordan and Fortnite is not so impactful since we had begun to listen to murmurs about it a few weeks ago. Within the code of Fortnite earlier this month, some data miners discovered that the cool gray 11 was going to reach the game at some point. However, what we still had to see was how they would end up being the full parameters of this collaboration. And although that technically remains true at this time, these newly filtered images give us a much better idea of ​​what to expect.

At this time, we still do not know when these new articles related to Jordan Fortnite will arrive, but it will probably happen in the coming days before chapter 2 ends on December 4. With this in mind, we will make sure to update it here at once we know more.

What do you think about Fortnite and Jordan Brand working together in this way? Are you going to acquire something from this new team in the game? Let me know what you think about the comments section below.


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