Fawzi Mesmar joins Ubisoft as vice

Less than a week after announcing its resignation of Dice, the former design director of Battlefield 2042 bounces back at Ubisoft as vice-president of an editorial team in full reconstruction.

By integrating this designer into his editorial team, Ubisoft brings a little new blood and 18 years of experience from outside. Past by Atlas, Game loft, Knish and King before joining Dice in September 2019, Nazi Mesmer will work for Ubisoft from Stockholm. With Bio Jade Adam Granger ( for honor ), promoted vice-president of the editorial team at the beginning of the year, Nazi Mesmer will work under the responsibility of Igor Marceau ( Riders Republic ), appointed Director of creation last September.

As a member of the editorial team, he will work closely with all production teams to the creative direction of the vast portfolio of Ubisoft games. It will also ensure the diversity of perspectives and Creation teams involved in the creation and production of unique and memorable experiments, summarizes the publisher.

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Before stabilizing in the Swedish capital, Nazi Mesmer has traveled a lot and raised from the experience in Germany, Japan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and New Zealand, in contact with franchises as varied as Battlefield, Candy Crush and even a little persona. Speaker, he is also the author of Al-Shabab on the Art of Game Design, one of the first Game Design manuals in Arabic.

Nazi Mesmer is the last change in an editorial team that OSIsoft has committed to redesign after two members of the group, Tommy François and Maxime Leland, have been laid off as part of the wave of scandals of sexual harassment that shook the publisher during the summer of 2020. Both have resigned in the wake, just like the former historical leader of the editorial team, Serge Mascot, who had been cited in a report as playing a role central in the problems of culture of the company.


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