Destiny 2: These are the new exotics that with the big anniversary

Fatal alarm, or deadly splits in Quebec, (National Burlesque's: Filled Weapon 1) is an American film of Gene Quinton, launched in 1993.

In destiny 2 were brought into play with the jubilee patch two new exotics. Which ones are and how they arrive at the players we show you here on Mango.

What are that for weapons? These are two new exotics. The Gjallarhorn known from Destiny 1, who forced the son of Onyx every time in his knees. And a pistol that is based on Halo. Both weapons were implemented in the game as part of the 30-year bungee anniversary. Now guardians have the opportunity to call them after update 3.4.0.

How did I have access to the weapons? The Publisher pistol can be supplied by any player, with or without acquired anniversary DLC. At the Gjallarhorn, however, you have to acquire the DLC, otherwise you do not have access to the accompanying quest.

A legend and a crossover

Who has played Halo and Destiny 1 knows the two weapons? The Mallards belongs in the Destiny story to the crassest weapons, which has ever seen a boss. With the pistol, every halo-fan should have his joy, because that is based on the appearance of the known M6-Magnum.

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What can the weapon? The exotic rocket launcher in the heavy slot sends a rocket to your enemies. If the projectile meets your desired destination, it splits into smaller target searches cluster projectiles that search again after enemies.

The target-seeking module in the weapon supports you. With this every aged opponent is pursued by the rocket.

Does the weapon stop their reputation? The community does not make the impression that the weapon is so op that you need to lock it up right behind Nerf gratings. The new toy of the keepers were actually well-balanced and enjoys a good reputation. Players write comments in the social networks like:

You actually managed to make Horn balanced and incredibly powerful, I am very satisfied.

Says YouTube User GUI Smalls

In addition, it will show if the players do not help sophisticated builds the weapon will still help to their old OP status.


What can the weapon? This is a pistol driven by special ambition. You can give individual shots or burn fully automatically to your enemies and thus benefits from an increased fire rate.

For a pistol, the pioneers have an outstanding range with an almost maximum rec harp. The new rake shines with almost all stats and even has a rifle scope when targeting.

What do the keepers say? Guards are looking forward to that Bungee finally brings a pistol with high impact in the collection. You mean that the gun does well with a machine gun. With such a station wagon you have covered any distance and has a hand-sized sniper still.

Players write their joy in the comments on YouTube as follows:

I'm glad I'm not the only one that is in love with this weapon. It is basically a pocket sharpener rifle and a bandwagon in 1, which most likely can be combined well with an SMG!

says YouTube User Vibe Lord Joe

Bungee has delivered very strong EX weapons in Destiny 2, which are really balanced. Only the time will show if the Nerf hammer is thrown again. For the time being, however, the guardians have time to meet new estimates and benefit from it.

What do you think of the new EX weapons? Do you think you're fine? Or are you to OP? Let's know in the comments what you think!


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