Clemens dissatisfied despite 3: 0 job victory

The Closest The Allies Came To Losing WW2 | Titans Of The 20th Century | Timeline As a recorded player, Clemens had a oral in the first round. By contrast, his opponent of Williams had already completed a game and was able to import himself at the 3-1 against Matt Campbell on stage in the Ally Pall.

Clemens started with a slight effort, but his counterparty did him the favor to omit some double. Thus, the German Giant grabbed the first pass — and then brought through his aspiration. The German was in the game and got the first sentence with the double 16. Despite 3: 0, Clemens shook a bit with his head afterwards, was probably not satisfied with his average of 88. For comparison: Williams just played a lousy average of just over 65.

143er checkout, first 180: Clemens takes ride

Of course, the hitchers was at a high level, but still knows Clemens that he can play better and must be against stronger opponents too. In sentence two, he continued to have problems with the scores, which is why he had to give his aspiration right away. It was generally a match on no good level, both players did not really come into play, again and again there were mistakes — until Clemens suddenly checked in 143 and according to legs.

That gave the 38-year self-confidence, in the following passage followed his first 180. With completely other body language Gaga played — Nevertheless, the passage was narrowly scarce, and Williams even had Set dart. He did not use this, Clemens, on the other hand, sat down his second chance in the double 10 (6/7 on the double at this time) and went with 2: 0 in the lead. An important moment, and this time came the fist of the German.

Clemens plays it home

The third pass began with a leg where Williams poured massively double opportunities. Only so got Clemens the chance to go in this passage with 1: 0 in the lead. The German then waved, that was not the level he wanted to offer. But it handed this day against the number 93 of the world that caught a weak day. In the end, Gaga brought himself to the last sentence with 3: 1, turned the first match dart into the double 18. Despite clear 3: 0, Clemens shook his head, his gesture almost made the impression as if he apologized to be forward.

Of course, a successful appearance from the result, but that more quickly has to come, Clemens should be aware. Because on Monday a real chunk is waiting in the 3rd round: in the evening session, the duel stands with Jonny Clayton (number 8 of the world), which is known this year very good darts. The German Giant should not be enough for such a performance.

Barney starts strong, but Cross makes the race

Out with Applause: Raymond Barney van Barnfield. Imago Images / Pro Sports Images

In the evening, the duel of two former World Champions: Rob Voltage Cross got it to do with come backer Raymond Barney Van Barnfield. Curios: In England, the hearts of the fans not flew to the Englishman in this match, but the Dutchman.

And the laid out of his Barney Army a brilliant start, won the first leg and brought the hall to romp than he answered a 180 by Cross with a 170 finish — and opened the next leg immediately with a 180 opened. Later, however, the Dutchman failed at the double 10, the double 5 and the double 2 — and was the leg then started. He still made the sentence with 3: 1.

Cross, who had played a 77er average in the first sentence, but then increased science from a far more stable (average 103) and soon after sentences. The match was good-class, but Van Barnfield had always had great problems with the double, which ultimately cost him the second sentence.

Crews was on the way to come to the sack, and also had the advantage that his opponent was no longer busy. But as so often in the dart, suddenly the English was difficult, he threw anything but good, but good enough: despite some wobbler, he breeds van Barnfield early and then brought the 3-1 victory over the laps.

Austrian surprise stays out

The last game before Christmas offered again so really tension: Rusty-Jake Rodriguez from Austria sniffed against the favored Chris Obey at the sensation, led to sentences already with 2: 0 — and yet it was not enough. In the back, the Englishman had the better end for himself because he increased and the match finally won 3: 2 and the duel with Top star Michael Van Ger wen Karachi.


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