BVB Bavaria: 99 minutes enjoyment and a whistle with aftermath

When not enough in the square, the wild fight, the beat replacement of the 99 previous minutes continued on the ranks and on the microphones. Above the press tribune, in the back of the press places, a Bavaria employee moved to a fairly well-known German actor and Dortmund fan, which admitted afterwards: It may be that maybe a bit of drink has been going into his neck.

Bellingham's fresh basic knowledge: What should you expect?

And a few meters below, an 18-year-old was talking to the Nordic streaming provider Via play air and proved his freshly fertilized basic knowledge Bundesliga story when he indirectly the impartial Felix Player with its dark past as a wizard of Robert Holder confronted: You give a referee who has ever shifted a game, the biggest game in Germany. What should you expect?

Top 10 Last Minute Goals 2019/20

So turbulent, so high-class the top game previously had been, so fast the athletic performance of both teams had stepped into the background. The discussions turned primarily to Bellingham's statements and their consequences in the following week, and their consequences, the statements of Dortmund bosses, DFB and Player themselves, barely around Robert Lewandowski's double pack, the dream gate of Erlang Haaland or the finger tough towards Championship decision.

A word gives the other

It belongs to football that the alleged exciters get more attention than the two half times in the square, especially as every fresh statement, every new development further heating up the topic. And perhaps the public debate about Players's past and whether an impartial, who considers the DFB Sports Court, may still lie down a career, for a better dealing with this topic. It is always a pity but once a custodian game in the retrospect is probably only reduced.

Study of the year

Because if I'm honest, I really enjoyed the 99-minute football much more than the days after that, the first half-time full of impact exchange, felt a single, 45-minute scorching. The fast Dortmund response after the side change, penalty area scenes on both sides up to the 78th minute as the trading feet after Players VAR decision the air from the game took and made from a game of the year the aftermath of the year made.


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