6 weapons and loadouts for the start in Hunt: Showdown - so you win your first rounds

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Hunt: Showdown, the shooter from Creek (PC / PS4 / Xbox One), may just provide the beginning of a lot of frustration. Mango has tested the best weapons and loadouts for you and think: This entry works in Hunt: Showdown.

Where do the information? To give you the best loadouts and weapons to the hand, we looked at the views of the players and incorporate their own expertise.

Every player feels a bit more comfortable with another weapon. We want you give to the best tips here to just get along better in the beginning with the mechanics of the game and the dangers of the Bayou.

Who writes here Mark has been playing the Alpha Hunt: Showdown and has since more than 600 hours on the clock. On average, it takes two other hunters to the grave for each of his death, and can claim several successful rounds. His favorite weapon is the Morin Nag ant bayonet, called him affectionately Picks because it is reliable in almost any situation. He is usually on the PC go.

What are entry-loadouts? We give you in this guide loadouts and weapons, all of which are located the bloodline levels in the first animal at hand. That is, you can anything you read here, put before level 34, that in the first 10-20 hours of play.

We also explain what the best weapons are and what skills, consumable items and tools they harmonize best.

Basically, it is to say: In Hunt: Showdown is not a weapon bad. All weapons kill in the right situation with a single shot to the head, but each have different advantages and disadvantages and playing styles.

New Weapons in Hunt procure: So starts her

How do I get new weapons To the weapons in Hunt: unlock showdown, you need only once a particular bloodline level. So you switched then the basic version of the weapon free. To modify the weapon on, you have to weapons experience with the gun of choice collect.

Marksmanship get her on a kill, which is carried out with this weapon. Although you also get points for Grunt- and boss kills, but by far the most points you get the players kills. Grunts is called Hunt the normal-0815 NPC zombies that stagger around like on the map.

With more weapons experience new variants switched her then Summer free.

So you can about saw off the barrel, in order to have more space for another weapon, or grab a telescopic sight on the weapon. If you like it a little crazy, with many weapons can attach as an ax, a melee weapon.

Tip: Do you play for two or three people with the same weapon, a kill are your teammates as much Weapon experience for you when you had him homemade.

What types of weapons there at all?

The types of weapons it holds Hunt: Showdown somewhat clearer than most modern shooter. We basically distinguish between 8 different types of weapons than their co-guns all work a little differently.

In addition, each weapon requires a different number of slots in your equipment. Overall, you have both guns four of these slots. Guns occupy it usually three and pistols only. Sawed-off weapons and melee weapons usually use two slots — so it can also lead two medium weapons. The following types of weapons:

sniper rifles: Only a shot over, but neat oomph repeating rifles: Small magazine but great harm. You have to repeat after each shot, the rate of fire is therefore relatively low, but higher than for the sniper Under lever guns: The counterpart to the repeating rifles — Quick Shot sequence and major magazines but less damage shotguns: are intended for close combat, where some deadly with a shot to the body. There are semi-automatic, pump-action variants and single-shot models guns: As a secondary weapon you lead mostly with the only one slot in availing themselves of gun. It can cause great damage and comes in different variations therefore. Crossbows: You have the choice between two crossbows in the game: A large as the main weapon and a small as a compact sidearm melee weapons: Since most weapons fire very slowly in the game, a melee weapon is often a decent alternative. An encounter with a zigzag current Alemán is often fatal. Special Weapons: The special weapons include the promise splendor, the gun dagger 96 and the rifle Nitro Express. They make a great deal of damage, are fairly expensive and usually only effective in certain situations. In those same situations they are but then none.

Best loadouts for entry into Hunt: Showdown

How are the loadouts selected? We are guided in the equipment of the loadouts at the following characteristics:

Which main weapon is effective here? Why does the second weapon fit? Which tools and consumables are useful? Why these properties complement the game style? Which alternatives are there?

We try to give you an optimal loadout for every game style for the beginning. The loadouts are our recommendation to you. Feel free to adapt them to your gusto to help your game style better. The loadouts are sorted by classes so you can choose after your preferences.

Update from 09.12.2021: Adjustments to the last updates taking into account the new level restrictions for the opposing syringe and the Caldwell Rival Shoreline

Tip: in Hunt: Showdown you have to buy your weapons if you want to use them. A kind of price / performance comparison is therefore attached. Even the personal firing behavior of a weapon, so as it feels for you, can be crucial for your decision.

The sniper — perfect on a large distance

The Loadout:

Prerequisite: Level 1 Main Weapon: Springfield 1866 Second weapon: Nag ant M1895 Tools: knives, strikes, signal fire, dressing bag Consumables: Fire bomb, weak health syringe, dynamite bar

For whom is the load-out? The sniper is best suited for careful players who like to watch the situation from the distance. All those who are on fast action and battles should avoid this loadout rather.


Strong on a big distance Against the NPCs perfectly prepared Can also fight for medium distance


Weak in melee Little ammunition Requires accuracy

That makes the Loadout strong: The Springfield 1866 is the first sniper rifle in the game. It has a long range and can kill with a headshot up to 175 meters. You always only have a ball in the course before you need to reload. Like all sniper rifles, you can equip the Springfield with two different ammunition types simultaneously as soon as you have unlocked it. By default, Springfield extends average ammunition.

As a second weapon we recommend the Nag ant M1895 pistol to the start. With her, her compact ammunition shines and can rely on her high fire rate in close combat. Go your shot with the Springfield next to it and the opponent comes to you, just switches to the pistol and makes the attacker pressure.

As for the tools, we recommend that you take the knife as well as the strikes. With the two tools you are prepared against as good as all NPC enemies in the world.

The loadout will also be stronger that it works very well without any properties.

The tools is the signal fire is a true all-rounder. You will free it after you have equipped a game with the electric lamp twice successfully. The signal fires can be thrown and put their goal on fire.

Especially against the armored grunts with barbed wire, the signal fire is particularly effective because the armored companions immediately die when they come into contact with fire. In addition, you can use them to turn off black mothers on roofs without having to shoot.

The dressing bag can heal you up to three times in the game. It is considered absolute must and is used in each loadout.

For the consumables you initially unfortunately have little selection, we recommend that you pack the small health syringes for additional healing. For this purpose, dynamite rods fit as a grenade replacement and the firebombs to get killed, enemy hunters on fire.

These are the alternatives : As an alternative to the main weapon comes as good as every sniper rifle, which will unlock her with ascending level. As the best way, we recommend the Sparks RR, who gets you on level 26. She extends long ammunition and shares a whopping 149 damage. Hunters only have 150 lifestyles.

For the second weapon, you can alternatively take a Caldwell Pax revolver. He uses average ammunition and thus shares the ammo stock with the main Weapon Springfield 1866.

The Scout — suitable for every terrain

The Loadout:

Prerequisite: Level 11 Main Weapon: Vettel 71 Carabiner Second weapon: Caldwell Pax Tools: Knife / heavy knife, impact rings, suffocation bombs, dressing bag Consumables: Dynamite rod / bundle, stick bomb, small opposite protective spray, liquid burn bomb Meaningful properties: Adrenaline, determination, Repetuous-see

For whom is the loadout? The scout is the all-rounder in this collection. He can act especially well on medium reach, but also suitable for fire habits in Closed Terrain.


Good all-rounder Optimal on medium distance Large ammunition stock Reached against all NPCs


Unusable on big distances Not optimal in buildings

That makes the Loadout strong: With the Vettel 71 carabiner you are prepared for every situation. Thanks to the range of almost 200 meters you can use it well in both remote and melee. It uses average ammunition for increased break power. Your fire rate is comparatively high.

It is optimized by the Caldwell Pax revolver in the second weapon slot. If you go out the ammo of the Vettel, you can safely change to the revolver.

Hunt Showdown: Lethal Loadouts for New Players

The Caldwell PAX has a comparatively high range under the pistols and extends average ammunition. Your two weapons therefore share the same additional stock. As a result, you have much more ammo as you would have with other weapons of the middle ammunition carnival, which forgives you even if you shoot more often.

For the tools we recommend the knife or, if you have already unlocked it, the heavy knife. It can kill several of the standard NPC opponents ( GRUNTS ) at the same time with a single butt and directs more damage than the light knife, but at the expense of more stamina.

The suffocation bombs can be used versatile. You delete any kind of fire and take hunters the air, so they need to cough and hear them. You can use suffocation bombs to delete burning teammates at removal. Even against the butcher, one of the bosses, you can use them very well.

The dressing bag should always have it to heal you. Meanwhile, the strikes make it much easier to cope with the evil Immolates.

The consumables are optional here. You get the stick bombs by giving experience with dynamite. This is the fastest way to kill the big meat heads. Have you once unlocked it is extremely useful to finish with the bosses? Brand bombs can be used to light enemy hunters. The small counterpart gives you immunity to poison for 10 minutes. It is useful against Hives and especially against the spider. And you can also use the dynamite as a replacement for grenades.

Survive you a few rounds the question arises which properties is added. Well with this loadout, adrenaline and determination work as they help to regenerate your endurance faster. With repeating visitation, after a created shot with the Vettel in the Kimme-and-Grain mode, she does not lose sight of your goal.

These are the alternatives : As an alternative to the Vettel you could take one of the Winfield variants. They have less damage and range, but over increased shot pace. If you meet this choice, you should resort to the Nag ant M1895 or the Caldwell Conversion pistol as a second weapon, as they then share the ammo stock with the main weapon.

An alternative pistol would be the Scott field Model 3, as it also has a medium ammunition, which will benefit the supply of your Vettel again.

Instead of the stringing ring you can also take signal fires and broke the Immolation with the charged blow of your weapon. The adhesive bomb in the consumables can be replaced well by another pole dynamite.

The revolver hero — fast and dangerous at short distance

The Loadout:

Prerequisite: Level 22 Main Weapons: Two Caldwell Conversion pistols Second weapon: Nag ant M1895 Average Tools: Knife, suffocation bombs, signal fire, dressing bag Consumables: A variation of the burn bomb, stick bomb, health syringe and small countergift injection Meaningful properties: Adrenaline, double hand, mackerel, quiet hand

For whom is the loadout suitable? The revolver hero is suitable for friends of the baller action. Thanks to the second weapon, it is even, even able to divorce 50 to 70 damage at medium distance. It is best suited in melee. Players who are more likely to stay away from the hustler, so will not be happy here.


Strongly at short distance and in buildings Giant ammunition stock Fast and movable


Not optimally equipped against NPC opponents On a large distance simply useless

This makes the loadout strong: Through the two guns as the main weapon you are in melee tremendously deadly. You lose some half a lot of precision, but it can balance your secondary weapon again. Because use all three weapons compact ammunition, your stock is huge ammunition, and you can shoot around you like a bad Western.

Do you do some Kills with her, turned the uppercut variant her after the chain gun-free: In return, actually the conversion Caldwell has a special property are all guns, but? This revolver then verschießt long ammunition and is therefore still effective even at great distances. It is essential in later builds, and is as perfect as a high-reach distance weapon for shotguns player. You play the loadout so partly for the future.

The secondary weapon the Nag ant M1895 is Eagle Eye, through her stapler and the scope the weapon is particularly stable and precise. You may here but remember that it is still in front of a gun — are therefore here long ranges taboo.

To this variant of the Nag ant unlock first time, you need some kills with the Nag ant pistol. So you can the loadout with two Nag ant guns play until you unlock the conversion to level the 22nd

As for the tools, we trust again opponents NPC is on the knife, which is your best friend against. For the armored grunts we have the flares there, but Immolation should you deal with this loadout more.

As for the consumer goods we adhere to the previously established rule: something that is burning, something that heals, and something exploded. Here you can of course vary according to. The antidote syringe I always take personally but because it greatly simplifies your life.

We recommend the stamina syringe for this loadout but because it can leave you for a limited period without restrictions and stamina consumption sprinting and hitting. So then you are quickly in combat or back out there with your two guns.

As an optional Features we recommend you adrenaline fills that your endurance again, should reach a critical state of your health. Moreover, drudge here is very useful, because then you get a place always the same two tools out of the boxes on the card, so you do not have quite as economical with the Erstickungsbomben and beacons round.

In addition, of course, is here the double hand property because it increases your Nachladetempo significantly with two pistols. With the property steady hand their guns hold much calmer with visor, thereof your sidearm benefits greatly.

These are the alternatives : Actually you can for this loadout each gun use that you like. Particularly well suited to Caldwell conversion chain gun which her but only unlocks after that would be.

An alternative secondary weapon would be one of the sawed-off Winfield variants or even a sawed Springfield. So you would be better equipped to medium range, but loses a little range of applications in close combat.

Do you want to go completely to the melee, the ax would be quite conceivable to also shoot emerge empty victorious from the combat situation?

Instead, the beacon of course you can also take the brass knuckles to be better prepared for the Immolation and having to use any Erstickungsbomben it. To replace the Sticky as always dynamite holds forth.

The one-shot killer — You go into his case, there is no escape short-range

The Loadout:

Prerequisite: Level 1 Primary Weapon: Romero 77 Second Weapon: Caldwell Conversion gun (later the uppercut variant) Tools: knife Erstickungsbomben, brass knuckles, first aid kit Consumer goods: 2x firebomb, great health syringe dynamite

For whom the loadout is? The one-shot killer playing with a shotgun, which has just a shot in the barrel. All that dares to up to 10 yards of him, is as good as lost. Are you happy, is not traveling in close combat or avoid building this loadout not for you?


No great accuracy needed thanks to the diversification In close and short distance hardly beatable Perfectly armed against all NPCs Beginner Friendly shotguns


No longer be used from medium distance Only one shot in the barrel, he missed, one is as good as dead

This makes the loadout strong: The Romero 77 although there is already at level 1, but it is a dreaded shotgun. You only have a single shot in the barrel, but the secured correctly. The Romero has the highest effective range of all shotguns and above all very much damage. An encounter with a Romero inside a building ends for your opponent so rarely good.

As a secondary weapon we use here to Caldwell conversion, but only because you have probably not been activated, the uppercut version of the weapon. However, this is your goal to get the best out of the loadout get. Because if you have the uppercut once you yourselves on middle distance a big threat to your opponent.

The tools we use again the best friend the knife back. The first aid kit is as always there. The impact rings make you more effective against the Immolation scurrying about the world and the Erstickungsbomben serve as a multifunctional tool to rescue teammates and for extinguishing fires

As for consumer goods, we use here twice to firebomb. This has the background that their opponents want to find the optimal case in buildings. Runs an enemy fighter into you, and you kill him, his team has to pick up all the time him.

Except, of course, their lights at him. If you throw the incendiary bomb on the body of the enemy fighter, burns slowly his life energy. So you put its allies under pressure, forcing them to come into your area. There you can then with the shotgun killing.

The health syringe provides additional healing because it often times a little more damage plugging in close combat as a sniper. The dynamite again you have this two enemy fighters to lure from their coverage and to drive to you.

This loadout will also be strong that it does not need any additional properties to its full potential to unfold.

These are the alternatives : In Hunt: showdown, there are several shotguns, but none is as powerful as the Romero with one shot. Those who still do not want to rely on his only shot, can confidently resort to Caldwell Rival. The shotgun also makes a lot of damage, but has at least two shots in the barrel and is available at level 10th

As an alternative to secondary weapon the revolver Pax Caldwell offers because it offers a little more coverage than the Caldwell Conversion gun, but it also does not work you thus direction uppercut before — which is a small disadvantage if you play long term.

As for the tools can you take instead of the brass knuckles and the signal fire. Depending on whether you annoy Immolation or armored Grunts more. Durable consumer goods you can carry two health syringes or two sticks of dynamite.

If you play in a duo, you need in any case only an incendiary bomb. In the trio but we would always advise you to two firebombs.

The Spray'n'Pray — Lots of shooting, little target

The Loadout:

Requires Level 17 Primary Weapon: Winfield M1873C Second Weapon: Caldwell conversion chain gun Tools: brass knuckles, Erstickungsbomben, throwing knife, first aid kit Consumer goods: incendiary bombs, dynamite, Health syringe Sticky Required Features: levering and subjects

For whom the loadout is? On average distance dangerous at close range absolutely deadly. If ye love moves in this spectrum and might not like precisely targeted, this loadout is perfect for you. For the quiet sniper who awaits his opportunity, it's more of anything.


Tons of ammunition Accuracy is not required due to the high rate of fire Well prepared against NPC opponents Good on different distances Very cheap


Is completely usable only by properties Activation of the gun relatively late

This makes the loadout strong: The Winfield did you already at level 1, it is characterized by a lot of ammunition and a high rate of fire. It is across the board a good weapon to start with, but in this loadout it is particularly deadly.

As a secondary weapon you can also have any other gun take, but really the plan works if you use the Caldwell conversion chain gun, because that has really much ammunition there.

Due to the property levering (Level 14) Winfield can be very, fire much faster if you do shoots from the hip. The property subjects (Level 17) makes you guns in semiautomatic Monster rebuild, they also increase the rate of fire enormously.

Now your both weapons do not necessarily do a lot of damage. Considering that every headshot in Hunt: showdown within the range of your weapon is fatal. The trick of this loadout is it, simply often enough to try to hit the head — or simply multiply the body.

You should stay in motion while firing, as precision does not count in your strengths anyway, and you want to make it difficult for your opponent to meet you. While she tries to meet him. Your opportunities should be significantly higher through the permanent ball hail on your own.

As tools Let's choose the impact rings against Grunts and Imitators. In addition, the suffocation bombs as a multi-function tool are back as well as the always useful dressing bag for healing. If you have to kill something silently, the throw knives are excellent — but attention, the meeting with the things requires some exercise.

What the consumer goods are concerned Let us resort to the well-tried combination between burning, exploding and healing. Here we use the brand bomb to light dead hunters and to lure the enemies from the reserve as well as the detention bomb to fight faster against the bosses.

The health syringe is also there because in the beginning has little useful alternatives, and healing is always good.

Other useful properties would be determination and adrenaline. Both increase your endurance regeneration. Since your opponent is made empty with this build in front of you empty, he will probably run away. With these characteristics you come afterwards. Also, mackerel can be taken to take a great way to compensate for the throw knives that you have not met.

These are the alternatives : Even if flexing works for all sub-lever rifles, you will not be an alternative to Winfield at the beginning, which must be, unfortunately. But it is also very cheap and already available from Level 1.

As far as the pistol is concerned, we can also recommend the Nag ant M1895. She is also fatal with compartments, and even more precise than the chain pistol in the original loadout. It can not offer as much ammunition for this.

As an alternative to the throwing blades, you can also take a light knife or the heavy knife, even if the distance is lost. Another possibility for the sticky bomb would still take a pole dynamite to be able to keep opponents better in chess.

As always, I can also recommend you to pack the opposing injection. It makes your life easier for your life when it comes to the fight against the NPC enemies.

The Schwinger running in the zigzag — if short distance is not close enough

The Loadout:

Prerequisite: Level 1 Main Weapon: Fighting ax Second weapon: Winfield M1873C Vandal Tools: Battle rings, bait, signal fire, dressing bag Consumables: 2x Health syringe, endurance syringe, firebomb Meaningful properties: Adrenaline, determination

For whom is the loadout? For each of the slow weapons in the game may not be optimally caught. In melee, you do not have to go aim, you only have to be fast. If your opponent likes to run around on the nose, and you're still too far away, this Loadout is perfect for you.


In case of melee incredibly strong No ammunition search necessary Opponents are often overwhelmed by tactics Perfectly equipped against NPCs


Endurance budget can be difficult in the beginning, but is absolutely necessary Good spawned weapons will be released only a little later Is not optimal in the low-level area, but will be even better through aids in the later game

This makes the loadout strong: Most weapons in Hunt: showdown are comparatively slow. If you predict an opponent in close combat, this usually has only one to three attempts to meet you before your ax is in his back. This happens that many and especially new players are overwhelmed with it when an opponent calls you, instead of returning.

If you run quickly and in zigzag, changing between walking and racing and still arbitrarily the direction, it is also really hard for experienced players to meet you.

A recharged blow with your ax into the upper body of the opponent is deadly. If that does not work situation due, you still have a sawn shot in order to bring the opponent a little.

What the tools are concerned Do not you need a knife here because you have your ax. However, a stroke ring for Immolation is recommended, just like a signal fire for the armored barbed wire zombies. Furthermore, we access baits here, imitate the sounds and, if necessary, attract enemy players in your trap — or just in your ax.

With the consumption goods Let's sit here for a lot of healing, because most of the time you will meet one or the other shot, but you can relax after the fight in a quiet corner loose. Besides, you have an endurance syringe, so that you run at zigzag and ax does not swing so fast the puffs.

The loadout is rounded off by the brand bomb, the enemy, dead hunters on fire and forces his teammates to come to you.

Although not mandatory, but much easier you have it with the properties adrenaline and determination. Adrenaline ensures that your stamina is replenished should be your life points low, while determination is there that your endurance will begin to regenerate earlier. Both are extremely helpful in successful ax swing.

These are the alternatives : In addition to the fight ax, you still switch the Machete and the Cavalry Saber during the game. Both are correspondingly good alternatives to the ax. There are also different weapon versions with bayonet — even those can be very strong.

As a second weapon, you can also take two pistols to react even more agile in close combat, but at the cost of starch on medium distance. Instead of bait, suffocation bombs can be taken, which are an absolutely meaningful multifunction tool.

General tips for the first trips to the Bayou

What do you learn here? The following tips are very useful for the beginning and bring you in many situations in the game:

Charges your blow with the melee weapon of your choice before you get into the combat situation. This saves you endurance and time in the fight. With the hedge protector variant of the Winfield, which you unlocked something later, you can also keep an eye on greater distance from your opponent and put pressure on it — but you can not expect a lot of damage. The shotguns have a great advantage in Hunt: Showdown: It does not matter to you what your power. Whether you stand, running, kneeling, putting or shooting out of the hip — the shotgun in the game always have the same scattering. That makes them particularly interesting for beginners. Should it come quite a bit, you can also kill an enemy hunter with a charged hit of the knife in the head. Uses all syringes early and frequently, as you can find them in a round in inventories and to use multiple syringes to unlock better variants.

These properties are a must!

What are properties? Sure you a round gets your hunter for experience points and rises up to 50 levels. Each stage gives you a point that you can spend on properties, i.e. passive skills. Even they have to unlock themselves by achieving the necessary bloodline levels.

Which properties are useful? In addition to the specific properties already mentioned in the loadouts, there are some traits that make sense through the bank in each loadout sense. Also, on these we want to go briefly.

This can be alligator legs : With the property Alligator legs you can move faster in the water, and suggested quietly in the water. Since on the maps of Hunt: showdown is a lot of water and rarely necessarily the best idea is, this property is always a good supplementation

This can be greyhound : The property greyhound allows you to sprint longer at full speed. If you have the prey and quickly disappear or hunters persecuted with the loot, she can make life much easier for you.

This can be light foot : light foot allows you to climb much quieter, jump and fall. A quieter movement through the terrain is extremely useful in many situations — take away!

That can be Gaul : The property Gaul allows you to regenerate a little life if your grunt kills. Since an open-hearted health bar of your hunter will automatically heal again, Gaul can often spare a bandage.

That can salamander : This ability is especially useful in the trio, as you often will be faster than it's the case in the duo. Salamander reduced fire damage to suffered fire damage by 25%, and that too in death. So your teammates have 25% longer to save you — very useful!

How do the weapons work in Hunt: Showdown?

We do not just want to tell you which weapon should take away from you, but also give you how you can opt for weapons yourself. For this we explain how the weapons work fundamentally.

Which values ​​have a weapon?

The values ​​of a weapon are at least as important as their shooting feeling and their price. But by which values ​​can you even search? These are the weapons values ​​in the game and how they work:

Fang amp: The ranged value indicated in the weapons refers to a hit of the upper body to the distance of 10 meters. This is pretty tricky especially at shotgun, as they already lose much of their damage after 10 meters. Range: Headshots in Hunt: Showdown are fundamentally deadly. The effective range of a weapon refers to the number of meters to which a single headshot kills an enemy player immediately. If the enemy is outside the range, the one-shot kill is no longer guaranteed. If you exceed the range too much, the shot is no longer at all. Shoot sequence: The shot sequence specifies the number of shots firing the weapon per minute. Here, interruptions such as reloading are not included with! Handling: The calculation of handling is more complicated than that of the other values. Rejection, the weapon movement and the scattering of the ball are considered. The higher the percentage, the better. At melee weapons, the endurance consumption, the range as the impact angle is calculated instead. Reload: The after-load time indicates the time the weapon needed for full reload when it is empty. The partial reloading of a weapon often takes more time. Muzzle speed: The speed in meters per second, in which the bullet moves. Melee: Specifies the damage to the weapon, which arises in a slight melee attack in the upper body. Heavy melee: Specifies the damage to the weapon, which is created in a charged melee attack in the upper body.

Which ammunition types are in the game?

In addition to the basics of a weapon, there are different types of ammunition for the vast majority of weapons in the game. Even these influence the weapons values ​​and how you best play with your weapon. These are the ammunition types in the game:

Some ammunition types present the YouTuber Oceanic in this video:

Compact ammunition: Many of the first weapons that you unlock in Hunt: Showdown, use the compact ammunition. It can be fired quickly, and you usually have a large supply of shots, and it is easiest to find within the world. It makes less damage than the other types of ammunition and has less punching force. Medium ammunition: The average ammunition is faired to your name and operates exactly the middle of the other types. She is harder to find as a compact ammunition, and you do not have a lot of it. For this, the mean ammunition is much lighter, which is concerned about obstacles such as wood and general distance. Long ammunition: The long ammunition is mostly used by sniper rifles or the later unlockable repeating rifles. It is particularly rare before and its supply in your magazine is always limited. For this, the long am moon distance can overcome up to 350 meters and even strike on near distance. Sleeve ammunition: The sleeve ammunition is used exclusively by shotgun and is therefore optimal especially in melee, but loses considerably after 10 meters, depending on the model of weapons. Fire ammunition: Fire ammunition is not equipped in any weapon by default. You always have to unlock you, and it is not available for all weapons. It falls under the category specialty ammunition and can therefore be particularly difficult. For a hit, you remove fire in your opponent, which must first delete it. Especially against the NPC opponents in the game, it is very effective. Explosive ammunition: Also she falls into the category of specialty ammunition and is therefore difficult to find. It is also not available for all weapons and must first be activated. In a surcharge, the ball explodes and causes surface damage. Gift munition: It follows the last two colleagues of the list and involves in the category special ammunition. Gift munition must first be unlocked and caused poison damage to a hit. The poison ammunition has no penetration force, as it can be burst on the first surface to which she meets the poison container. This makes it suitable for about as the only floor against the nasty color zombies. Specialty Munition: Under this point, all the types of ammunition are listed. So there is still ammunition, which increases the puncture force or even triggers bleed. Some weapons in the game, such as the crackling San, the Dagger 96 or the Nitro Express, can even use special ambition, which is why your good would have to house.

What do you think of the Loadouts? Would you customize a lot and have your suggestions for improvement? Then always in the comments!

By the way, Hunt: Showdown on Steam is just as popular as never — but why?


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