PUBG receives Team Deathmatch with unique twist in the latest update

The original Battle Royale game receives a classic mode.

The original Battle Royale contactors, PUBG, has enjoyed a long service life and continued updates. The focus was always on the original Battle Royale. Undoubtedly, this will continue to be the draw of the game, but it seems that the developer will try to try some new things starting with an old classic mode.

Previously, the PUBG test client had received an update (6.2) that adds arcade. The new section selects various new modes to play and try. So far, they have not yet announced what all these modes will exist, but the first is Old School like Old School: Team Deathwatch. However, it has a turn. You have a boost indicator, a bar that fills with kills and assists and drops with every damage. The boost indicator must be filled to regenerate the health. This means that you have to remain active while playing to some extent.

ChocoTaco Tries New 8 Vs 8 Team Deathmatch Pubg

PUBG The Team Deathwatch mode is now available on test servers on the PC and will be available for all next week. It will eventually come to consoles afterwards.

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